Lacan and Fantasy Literature: Portents of Modernity in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Fiction

Eschewing the all-pervading contextual approach to literary criticism, this book takes a Lacanian view of several popular British fantasy texts of the late 19th century such as Bram Stoker´s Dracula, revealing the significance of the historical context; the advent of a modern democratic urban society in place of the traditional agrarian one. Moreover, counter intuitively it turns out that fantasy literature is analogous to modern Galilean science in its manipulation of the symbolic thereby changing our conception of reality. It is imaginary devices such as vampires and ape-men, which in conjunction with Lacanian theory say something additional of the truth about - primarily sexual - aspects of human subjectivity and culture, repressed by the contemporary hegemonic discourses.

Josephine Sharoni, Ph.D (2015) University of Kent, UK, is an independent scholar working at the intersection of Lacanian theory and literature. Her article on Joyce and Lacan appeared in the JML Summer 2016.

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