Louis Kahn on the psychoanalyst´s couch (Collection du Divan, Band 1)

Stretched out on the psychoanalyst’s couch, the famous architect Louis Kahn tells us surprising stories of his life, his families, his women and his architectural vision. His complex personality infl uenced a large part of his work and culminated in his spiritual peak which is engraved in the concrete and brick of Dhaka in Bangladesh. The reader will be carried away by an exchange akin to talking, thus experiencing live this unique session in the analyst’s room. The dialogues are profound, direct, and allow us a glimpse into the unconscious mind of Lou, one of the most infl uential architects of the XXth century, who was found dead in the toilets of the Pennsylvania Railway Station in New York in 1974. The psychoanalyst Jean-Christophe Bétrisey offers us an historic, original and work of fiction in the new “Collection du Divan”.

Jean-Christophe Bétrisey is a Swiss psychoanalyst. He is a member of the presidency of the Swiss group of the Charles Baudouin International Institute of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy as well as an ex-member of the International Board of Directors. He is also an associate member of the International Society of Multidisciplinary Psychoanalysis, a member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists and a member of the International Network for the Study of Waking Dream Therapy.

Founder of EcoutAdom - psychiatric and psychotherapeutic consultations at home for the elderly - he is also keenly interested in gerontechnology.

In 2017, he founded a literary collection called “Collection du Divan” where famous people like Louis Kahn or Sigmund Freud lie on his couch. Several other books are in the pipeline.

In 2017, he was also one of the winners of the 100 personalities who form the Suisse romande (French speaking Switzerland).

He has written several scientific articles as well as books and is regularly in the press regarding psychological questions and social issues.

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