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Diese Rubrik kann von Universitäten, psychoanalytischen Vereinen, Verlagen, Auktionshäusern und Museen genützt werden, um auf ihre Psychoanalyse relevantes Programm aufmerksam zu machen. So soll es für unsere internationalen User schneller möglich sein, zu erfahren, wann und wo der nächste Kongress, die nächste Tagung, Versteigerung oder Buchpräsentation stattfindet. 

Falls wir Ihr Interesse wecken konnten, für weitere Informationen bitte Email an: kalender@derwienerpsychoanalytiker.at

Psychoanalytische Gruppe


Veranstalter: Dr. Markus Brunner und MMag.aJulia Skip-Schrötter
Veranstaltungsort: Gemeinschaftspraxis Klug/Skip-Schrötter
Kochgasse 27/4
1080 Wien
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Psychoanalytische Gruppe

In der Psychoanalyse werden wiederkehrende Gefühle und Situationen aus dem Leben auch auf ihren unbewussten Sinn hin befragt. Das Verstehen dieses Sinns macht den Weg für persönliche Veränderungen frei.

In einer Gruppe kann gemeinsam mit anderen Menschen das Unbewusste erkundet werden. Hier erfahre ich mich selbst in Verbindung mit anderen, die auf mich reagieren und mit mir in Beziehung treten. Mit ihnen kann ich meine Emotionen erkunden, über mich nachdenken und neue Beziehungsmuster erproben.

Zugleich erlebe ich mich als Teil einer Gruppe. Die psychoanalytische Gruppe ist ein Ort, an dem die zuweilen rätselhaften Eigendynamiken von Gruppen und mein Erleben darin erforscht werden können.

Der geschützte und haltende Raum einer psychoanalytischen Gruppe ist ein Raum der Möglichkeiten für Sie. Probieren Sie Neues aus – Probieren Sie es mit einer Gruppe!

montags von 18:00 bis 19:30 Uhr während des Semesters (außer an Feiertagen):
-        Wintersemester 2018/2019 vom 1.10.2018 bis 4.2.2019
-        Sommersemester 2019 vom 4.3.2019 bis 1.7.2019

Ein Einstieg ist nach einem Erstgespräch möglich.

Kontakt für Fragen, Anmeldungen und Erstgesprächstermine:
Markus Brunner
+43 650 80 60 181

Julia Skip-Schrötter
+43 699 11 636 788



Veranstalter: Czech Psychoanalytical Society
Veranstaltungsort: sídlo ČPS IPA
Řehořova 10
130 00 Prag
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Česká psychoanalytická společnost, člen Mezinárodní psychoanalytické asociace IPA Vás 6.10.2018 zve na seminář


Prof. MUDr. Hana Papežová, CSc. Psychiatrická klinika 1.LF UK
Doc. PhDr. Jana Kocourková, Dětská psychiatrická klinika 2. LF UK, ČPS IPA
MUDr. Ivana Růžičková, privátní dětská psychiatrická praxe, ČPS IPA

8.30 – 9.00: registrace
9.00 – 10.00: Hana Papežová: Možnosti a limity psychoterapie u poruch příjmu potravy
10.15 – 11.15: Jana Kocourková: Poruchy příjmu potravy pohledem současné psychoanalýzy
11.30- 12.30: Ivana Růžičková: Když mluví tělo – prezentace analytické práce s pacientem
12.30. – 13.00 : přestávka na oběd
13.00 – 14.00: diskusní skupiny (pro zájemce)

účastnický poplatek: 1 500 Kč, kandidáti PI ČPS IPA 750 Kč
registrace: chvami@seznam.cz Chvátalová Michaela, účast na semináři garantována po zaplacení na ČÚ 3769309/0800, do zprávy pro příjemce uveďte PPP+ Vaše jméno (pro identifikaci platby)
catering zajištěn pro všechny účastníky semináře

RADIO: UNBEWUSST - die Lust am freien Sprechen

10.10.2018 20:00

Veranstalter: Radio Orange 94.0

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Willkommen zur ersten psychoanalytischen Radiosendung live aus Wien!

UNBEWUSST- die Lust am freien Sprechen, auf Radio Orange 94.0 danach an jedem Zweiten Mittwoch im Monat. Die Sendungen können HIER jederzeit nachgehört werden.

49th ATPPP Scientific Session - Laughing at and with Psychoanalysis: Using Humor in the Therapeutic Relationship

13.10.2018 09:00

Veranstalter: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
Veranstaltungsort: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
40 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 203
M4T 1M9 Toronto
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Presenter: Patricia Gherovici, PhD
Discussant: Ronald Ruskin MD, FRCP(C), Dip Psych

Freud noted that dreams were “insufferably witty” and had an annoying predilection for bad puns. Furthermore, Freud perspicaciously observed that “[t]he ostensible wit of all unconscious processes is intimately related to the theory of the joke and the comic.” If someone were to ask what single book one should read to understand the psychoanalytic method, the answer would be Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious. In one brief monograph, Freud succinctly explains how the unconscious operates: it does things with words. The psychoanalytic cure is not just a “talking cure,” but to further play on Austin’s famous dictum, it does things with jokes. Tragedy has been taken as a model for Freudian psychoanalysis with Oedipus, Jocasta and Tiresias. This course will propose a different theoretical model predicated on comedy and the use of humor. This model offers several clinical advantages.

Fortbildung in psychodynamischer Psychosentherapie Baustein II

13.10.2018 09:30

Veranstalter: Akademie für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie München e.V.
Veranstaltungsort: Bibliothek der Akademie
Schwanthalerstraße 106/III
80339 München
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Fortbildung in psychodynamischer Psychosentherapie
Baustein II

Ausführliche Informationen zum Programm finden Sie hier ab Juli 2018.

Euro 120,-
Euro  40,- für Aus- und WeiterbildungsteilnehmerInnen

Scientific Meeting – Illness in the Analyst 30 Years On

14.10.2018 09:00

Veranstalter: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
Veranstaltungsort: Toronto Psychoanalytic Society & Institute
40 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 203
M4T 1M9 Toronto
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Presenter: Harvey Schwartz, MD

The analyst’s illness brings to the fore the fundamentals of the treatment relationship. Circumstance forces into the analytic dialogue the ever-present tensions between reality/fantasy, past/present, love/destructiveness.

The author describes his developing thinking over 30 years from his first encounter with acute illness. The pivot upon which his considerations have evolved concern what details one reveals to the analysand. This touches upon the essential nature of transference and of the analytic meaning of our mortality.

This reevaluation of his earlier thinking on the subject includes reflections on the role of our psychoanalytic communities in providing a ‘hold’ at such times both for analyst and analysand.

Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society 2018 Annual Conference - TRANSFORMATIONS: Disrupting Dystopian Futures

19.10.2018 - 20.10.2018

Veranstalter: Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture & Society
Veranstaltungsort: Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center
178 Ryders Ln
08901 New Brunswick
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APCS holds an annual conference. In recent years we have met in the intimate setting of the Rutgers Inn and Conference Center on the campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey, U.S.A.

10. Mainzer kinderanalytische Konferenz


Veranstalter: MPI - Mainzer Psychoanalytisches Institut
Veranstaltungsort: Erbacher Hof
Grebenstraße 24
55116 Mainz
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10. Mainzer kinderanalytische Konferenz

Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory and the Psychosocial


Veranstalter: Psychoanalysis and Politics
Veranstaltungsort: Marx Haus, London
37A Clerkenwell Green
EC1R 0DU London
Vereinigte Königreich
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A discussion based seminar series by Psychoanalysis and Politics at the Marx House, London.
OCT 26TH – MILENA STATEVA / MANNIE SHER Pedalling swans: trace, love and reflexivity in the containment of contemporary care provision – between inherited challenges and new dilemmas
NOV 16TH – LENE AUESTAD Violence and the Social Unconscious: Overcoming or not Overcoming the Individual/Social Distinction
NOV 30TH – VERONCA DIESEN Immaterial labour and its nonsense: Challenging the artificial division of mental and manual labour and its forms of alienation
DEC 14TH – R.D. HINSHELWOOD / KALINA STAMENOVA Can a psychoanalytical method be a political one?

OCT 26TH MILENA STATEVA, PhD / MANNIE SHER, PhD, (The Tavistock Institute) Pedalling swans: trace, love and reflexivity in the containment of contemporary care provision – between inherited challenges and new dilemmas

What I propose, therefore, is very simple: it is nothing more than to think what we are doing. Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition

Delivery of care today is shared between statutory agencies and non-governmental organisations, and by high-cost private companies. This paper looks at the current state of the not-for-profit providers; how institutional dynamics affects their staff and what new issues are facing the workforce. In Western societies, and in the UK in particular, those who care for the most vulnerable, experience suffering and difficulties that mirror the experience of their clients and are sometimes amplified by organisational pressures. Recent reviews highlight the ways in which these pressures from ‘above’ and ‘below’ can be detrimental to the task of caring and can undermine the wellbeing of the workforce and by extension the value and future of welfare services. This paper describes alternatives to perpetual re-designs, re-structuring and austerity measures by relatively inexpensive but powerful action learning interventions. For purposes of brevity we call the intervention reflective spaces that apply philosophy, group relations, psychoanalysis, organisational development and critical theory. As reflective spaces, these groups contain, hold and work through everyday care experiences and inform meaningful action by mobilising the practitioners’ capacities to love, learn and think.

The Mind of the Artist

26.10.2018 20:00 - 27.10.2018

Veranstalter: New York Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (NYPSI)
Veranstaltungsort: NYPSI´s Marianne & Nicholas Young Auditorium
247 East 82nd Street
10028 New York
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A Two-Day Conference jointly sponsored by the Scientific Program Committee and The Pfeffer Center for Neuropsychoanalysis:
“The Mind of the Artist”

Speaking from a theoretical perspective, Friday evening’s panelists will consider the relation between artistic creativity and psychoanalytic treatment, the significance (if any) of the high incidence of affective disorders among literary and visual artists, the paradigm of art as reparation of early object relations, and the like. The relevance of Freud’s notion of sublimation to more recent explanations of the intra- and inter-psychic valuations of imaginative expression and the relationship of imagination to the self, to mechanisms of defense and agency, will be explored. Saturday morning’s session will be devoted to a discussion with literary and visual artists on the notion of art as play, the neurobiological aims of that instinct in the making of meaning, the relation of id and ego function to unconscious fantasy and its expression in art, and how artistic expression bears upon our neuroscientific understanding of pleasure and reward. A plenary session by Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel will be offered in the afternoon to be followed by a wrap-up Q & A with all participants.

Sigmund Freud Museum SFU Belvedere 21er haus stuhleck kunsthalle
warda network orange