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Diese Rubrik kann von Universitäten, psychoanalytischen Vereinen, Verlagen, Auktionshäusern und Museen genützt werden, um auf ihre Psychoanalyse relevantes Programm aufmerksam zu machen. So soll es für unsere internationalen User schneller möglich sein, zu erfahren, wann und wo der nächste Kongress, die nächste Tagung, Versteigerung oder Buchpräsentation stattfindet. 

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Maudsley Lectures in Psychoanalysis Spring Term 2018


Veranstalter: Institute of Psychoanalysis
Veranstaltungsort: ORTUS Learning and Events Centre
82-96 Grove Lane
SE5 8SN London
Vereinigte Königreich
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A series of lectures and discussion groups from the Institute of Psychoanalysis in partnership with the Maudsley.
Leading psychoanalysts will give talks on the application of psychoanalytical concepts to clinical work and beyond.

The programme is orientated to be of particular interest to clinicians: psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and others in mental health and allied professions. 

To book the complete Spring term, with discussion groups, please click on the ´register now´ button at the top of the page.  You are still able to book Autumn & Spring Individual tickets by following the links below.

AUTUMN TERM £20 Individul Tickets

SPRING TERM £20 Individual Tickets

(Please note that individual tickets do not include the discussion group)

List of included lectures

15 January: Luigi Caparrotta Psychoanalytic assessment: grasping the nettle or clutching at straws?

22 January:  John Keene Enactments in the recovery from abuse, trauma and parental disturbance 

29 January: Rachel Gibbons Terror, loss and breakdown: the internal and external wars against terror

5 February: Cyril Couve Learning to live with a bad object: what happens when analysis weakens the manic defenses of a depressed patient


19 February: Margot Waddell “And so of larger-darknesses": death and the containing function of words

26 February: Claire Cripwell Seeing is believing: construction and interpretation in psychoanalysis   

05 March: Mary Morgan Relationships - why bother? A psychoanalytic view of intimate relating

12 March: Edgard Sanchez-Bernal The language of our body, the symptoms in our mind: mental health in higher education

19 March:  David Morgan Whistleblowers and activism: prevailing against the illusory impermeability of establishment defenses

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