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´The Best Possible School´: Anna Freud, Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham and the Hietzing School in 1920s Vienna

10.05.2017 - 16.07.2017

Veranstalter: Freud Museum London
Veranstaltungsort: Freud Museum London
20 Maresfield Gardens

NW3 5SX London
Vereinigte Königreich
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Modernism, creativity, the freedom to grow as a “free and self-reliant human being” – with these beliefs, Anna Freud, the youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud, and Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham, the youngest daughter of the great American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, founded Vienna’s Hietzing School.

To Erik H. Erikson who taught there, it was “the best possible school” and today its true significance, as both the teachers and the students remember it, comes to life in a dynamic new exhibit at the Freud Museum London.

Four historic photographs of Sigmund Freud are on view for the first time, along with original paintings and over 75 vintage pictures from private collections in Europe and America. Notable drawings, manuscripts and autographs make vivid the founders’ vision of the Hietzing School’s origins and sequels, its day-to-day experience and its enduring influence on our understanding of education and the developing mind.

The Freud Museum thanks the Botsiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies, the Zukunftsfond of the Republic of Austria, and the Anna Freud Foundation for their support.

Project Director: Elizabeth Ann Danto, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Hunter College/City University of New York, widely published in history of psychoanalysis, urban public welfare and labor studies; international lecturer; author of Historical Research (Oxford University Press 2009); recipient of the Gradiva Award (USA) and the Goethe Prize (Canada) for Freud’s Free Clinics – Psychoanalysis & Social Justice, 1918-1938 (Columbia University Press 2005).

«Setting und Identität»

23.06.2017 20:30

Veranstalter: FIZ - Freud-Institut Zürich
Zollikerstrasse 144
8008 Zürich
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The work of the negative and the psychoanalytic frame

Gregorio Kohon, London

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In this paper I will consider the concepts of space, time and the negative in the work of a number of contemporary artists, drawing on the explorations contained in my book, Reflections on the Aesthetic Experience: Psychoanalysis and the Uncanny (Kohon, 2016). I will relate some of these considerations to the concept of the psychoanalytic frame. In both cases, I would argue, there is a multiplicity of possible temporal and potential physical “realities”, generating a structure that allows for representation and symbolism to take place. 

Gregorio Kohon is a Training Analyst of the British Psycho-Analytical Society and has a psychoanalytic private practice in London. After studying law, literature and philosophy at the university of Buenos Aires he qualified in the end as a Clinical Psychologist. In the 1970ies he studied and worked with R.D.Laing and his colleagues of the anti-psychiatry movement. From1988 to 1994 he lived in Australia, where he co-founded and directed the Brisbane Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies together with his wife Valli Shaio Kohon. He is also a poet and novelist.

Psychoanalytic Books
Kohon, G. (1986) The British School of Psychoanalysis: The Independent Tradition. Free Association Books
Kohon, G. Hrsg. (1999) The Dead Mother: The Work of André Green. The new library of Psychoanalysis
Kohon, G. (1999) No Lost Certainties to Be Recovered. Gregorio Kohon, Karnac Books
Green, A. and Kohon, G. (2005) Love and Its Vicissitudes. The new library of Psychoanalysis
Kohon, G. (2016) Reflections on the Aesthetic Experience: Psychoanalysis and the Uncanny. Routledge
Kohon, G., Perelberg, R. Hrsg. (2017) The Greening of Psychoanalysis - André Green’s New Paradigm in Contemporary Theory and Practice. Karnac Books
To be published in 2018 by the New Library of Psychoanalysis: Gregorio Kohon, British Psychoanalysis - An Independent Tradition.

The novel Papagayo Rojo, Pata de Palo [Red Parrot, Wooden Leg] (2007/2008) was a finalist in the 2001 Fernando Lara Prize. Gregorio Kohon published four books of poetry in Spanish, and in 2015, he co-authored a collection of short stories, Truco Gallo. He participated in many anthologies of Argentinian literature, the latest being Argentina Beat (2016).

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